Vacuum Insulating Glass
(1) Product Description:
Vacuum insulating glass (VIG) is produced by vacuum-sealing two pieces of glass, normally a silver-plating Low-E glass and a clear glass.It has high-performance gas-absorbent inside vacuum layer to maintain stable vacuum degree, so that the VIG will remain top class heat insulation for a long duration of 15-20 years.

(2) Features

-Excellent Heat Insulation Performance:
the K/U value is ≤0.45W/(m2·K), 4 times better than normal insulating glass.

-Longer Service Life:
With advanced production technology, the vacuum degree can reach 0.01Pa; With lead-free sealing material, slow leakage are prevented. with built-in gas absorbent, vacuum degree remains stable for a long duratioin.

-Outstanding Frostproof:
Outstanding Frostproof for as low temperature as -60℃.Always stay visible.

-Excellent Sound Insulation:
40dB minimized.

-No Exhaust Hole:
Completely flat appearance without exhaust hole.

(3) Parameters

1. Min. Sizes: 600*300mm
2. Max. Sizes: 2500*1500mm
3. Thickness: Single layer: 3-19mm; Combined layers: 6.5-38.5mm
4. Vacuum Degree: 5*10-4Pa
5. Working Temperature: -60~100°C
6. Layers: double layers, three layers, etc.
7. Manufacturer: Fujian Super Tech Advanced Material Co., Ltd.

(4) Product Comparision:

Advantages of VIG
Thermal Conductivity
1.636 W/m2·K
0.456 W/m2·K
Better thermal conductivity, higher energy efficiency
Glass Structures
& Thickness

3.2mm (DLE)

=total 18.4mm
3.2mm (SLE)

=total 6.9mm
Less Thickness, more Storage Space
Noise  Reduction
Better sound insulation
Frosting Temperature
Better Frostproof, stay visible

(5) Smart production

Based on "Industry 4.0" concepts, Supertech designed a VIG smart production line, which cover the whole production processes, including: feeding, defilming, cleaning, support point placement, weld surface pretreatment, solder placement, vacuuming, sealing, stress relief, etc.

Location: Xiamen Factory
Capacity: 0.2-0.4 million sqm/year

(6) Awards

On Mar.24, 2021, "AWE Award" ceremony was held at the National Convention Center in Hongqiao, Shanghai. Super Tech won both "Best Component Award" and "Golden Nail Award" with its vacuum insulating glass. "AWE Award" is said to be "The Oscar of Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Industries in China". This highest distinction proves Super Tech's strengthes in technical research and design.

(7) Applications

Wherever you need insulation and transparency, VIG can help.
The applications are unlimited.