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Established in Oct. 2007, Fujian Super Tech Advanced Material Co., Ltd. is dedicated in the technical research, production and sales of thermal insulation materials, such as vacuum insulation panels (VIP), vacuum insulated boxes (VIB), vacuum insulating glass (VIG), glasswool, barrier bag, etc.

In year 2020, Super Tech bacame a listed company on STAR Market, with stock code: 688398.

Super Tech invests 5-8% of its annual turnover in the technical research. Until present, Super Tech has obtained more than 90 patents, which has a full-spectrum covering from materials innovations, production techniques,  production facilities to testing equipments.

Super Tech has been the principal framer of national industry standards, such as 《Vacuum Insulation Panels》(GB/T 37608-2019), 《Vacuum Insulation Panels in Household Appliances》(QB/T4682-2014)and 《Vacuum Insulation Panels in Construction Industry》(JG/T438-2014), etc.

After more than 10 years' devotion, Super Tech has grown into an industrial leader, who has dominated about 60% of the market share. Our products are widly used in home and commercial appliances (refrigerators,freezers, venting machines, ovens, water heaters...), as well as cold chain industry and construction industry. Our clients include many world-famous brands, such as Haier, Hisense, Midea, Samsung, LG, Hitachi, Toshiba, BSH, Whirlpool, Sonoco, Sinopharm, and Thermo Scientific, etc.


2020年に上海証券取引所のサイテックイノベーションボード(Sci-Tech Innovation Board)に上場(株式コード:688398賽特新材)致しました。


さらに、国家標準 『真空绝热板』(GB/T 37608-2019)などと工業標準『家用电器用真空绝热板』(QB/T4682-2014)などの起稿と制定に力を尽くさせて頂きました。



優れたコストパフォーマンスと一流のサービスによって、国内外の大手会社日立、東芝、三星、LG、Haier、Hisense、Sinopharm、Whirlpool、SIEMENS、Thermo Fisher Scientificなど合作関係を繋げらせて頂いています。

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